A Little About Me

I am a 26yr old, Married with one child living in the Lake district in the UK.

I have been playing eve for nearly 7 years now and have experienced pretty much every aspect of the game. From 0.0 alliance warfare and politics to wormhole exploration and Market trading.

I came across eve after I stopped playing another well know internet spaceship game, Freelancer, and although I have taken the odd break from eve over the last 7 years, eve has defiantly always been at the center of my desktop, and will continue to do so for as many years as long as they keep the servers up (or till they blow up)

Why I Love Eve-Online

Most of my family and freinds (those who dont play eve) have said to me many many times over the years “Are you STILL playing that game? Haven’t you completed it yet?” Once I have got my head out if my hands I try and explain why I love Eve so much.

The fact that their is no end game, Some say it is being in a top pvp corp in the largest alliance in game, some say it is having massive wealth. But simply their isn’t one. I have Missioned, Mined, Pvp’ed etc and still I go back to those things from time to time to do them, as a kind of break from what ever my main focus in on at the time. The fact that eve is a massive place where even tho everything is pretty much the same through out each system the community make is so vastly different. And you never quite know what will happen when you jump the next gate or un-dock from a station.


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