February 11, 2011

A Little About Me

I am a 26yr old, Married with one child living in the Lake district in the UK.

I have been playing eve for nearly 7 years now and have experienced pretty much every aspect of the game. From 0.0 alliance warfare and politics to wormhole exploration and Market trading.

I came across eve after I stopped playing another well know internet spaceship game, Freelancer, and although I have taken the odd break from eve over the last 7 years, eve has defiantly always been at the center of my desktop, and will continue to do so for as many years as long as they keep the servers up (or till they blow up)

Why I Love Eve-Online

Most of my family and freinds (those who dont play eve) have said to me many many times over the years “Are you STILL playing that game? Haven’t you completed it yet?” Once I have got my head out if my hands I try and explain why I love Eve so much.

The fact that their is no end game, Some say it is being in a top pvp corp in the largest alliance in game, some say it is having massive wealth. But simply their isn’t one. I have Missioned, Mined, Pvp’ed etc and still I go back to those things from time to time to do them, as a kind of break from what ever my main focus in on at the time. The fact that eve is a massive place where even tho everything is pretty much the same through out each system the community make is so vastly different. And you never quite know what will happen when you jump the next gate or un-dock from a station.

February 11, 2011

Why Vote For ‘Eve Truth’ As CSM?

I want to represent ALL members of the eve community for a start. I don’t have any backing of a large alliance or corp who can put a mail out to hundreds and hundreds of members and say vote for this guy because he is a representative of our alliance. I don’t think that helps the eve community at all.

I want to try to help everyone not just the large power base’s in eve. Empire corp’s, Miners, Mission runners, Wormhole Explorers etc play this game too and should be given just as much influence on how the game evolves as much as any other player.

So what will you do that separates you from all the other CSM’s then? (I hear you say)

Well first off come and talk to me personally, In game or e-mail me about your problems with the game, In sights in how you think the game should run and ideas you have on what effects you in-game. People doing missions will have massively different ideas on how the game should work in comparison to  empire traders and inventors for example.

There are so many posts in the CSM section that I’m sure a lot of it goes unheard. Along with the Features and Ideas section. If you post something there that you think is worth looking into then mail me it too, either with the text you have posted of just a simple link. I WILL look at every one of them, and reply. That way rather than you sitting there and nothing happening you will know whether it is something I can discuss further with other CMS members and CCP.

So are you wanting to just put new stuff in-game then?

No. I think we now need to sit back and work on everything that CCP has put into game. Make it work as the players think it should (incursions for example) Just cramming new content into the game without ‘fixing’ things that have been broken in-game for a long time is silly. It doesn’t help you as the player at all, yes you will have some shiny new stuff to look at for a few days but when the novelty has worn of (Incursions again) all the problems you had before that patch will still remain there.

I really want to make my application for CSM stand out from the rest, and the only way I will be able to do that is to gather public support. So please do e-mail me or eve-mail me (eve truth) as ask questions and I will try to answer them as much as I can.

I don’t want to turn this in to a massive wall of text so I’m going to leave it here. But please, if you do have any questions, ask me.